Lamia Afghan Foundation

About The Lamia Afghan Foundation

The Lamia Afghan Foundation is a 501 (c)(3) not-for-profit organization dedicated to providing humanitarian aid to the children and families of Afghanistan. The future of Afghanistan is in the hands of its youth. You can help the Lamia Afghan Foundation as we strive to restore hope to this war-torn nation.

Feeding the Needy

We are working with humanitarian relief organizations, such as Feeding the Nations,  Feed My Starving Children, Food for Kidz to deliver food and other necessities to families who lack these essentials due to famine, war, poverty, or other natural disasters. Check out this update and read more about the over 2 million meals that have been delivered to Afghanistan under the Denton Program!

Check out this article from The Air Force Reserve Command  about The Lamia Afghan Foundation's work in Afghanistan and how it all began!

View our YouTube video of Hoopoe books being used by the girls in Sarpanah Domes in Paktika.

Our partnership with Civil Affairs PRTs in Paktika province has helped us make better lives for the people of Paktika. Lamia Afghan Foundation provided the Sarparnah dome for girls who have never had the opportunity to attend school past 6th grade until now.  Backpacks with school supplies from a Children's Mission Group in Lubbock, TX, as well as stuffed animals from Loving Hugs run by Wendy Clark in Littleton, CO and wooden toys from The Ebbetts Pass Elves in CA were provided.  The video above was created by Jillian Hoiseth, whose mother generously sent the school supplies.  Captain Michael Butler coordinated with our foundation to put up the Sarpanah domes and participate in the women's sewing projects implemented by these wonderful PRTs.