Lamia Afghan Foundation

***The Denton Humanitarian Airlift Program has once again been discontinued for Afghanistan.***

Our Humanitarian Aid Efforts and Successes

We are striving to win "hearts and minds" in Afghanistan. Our efforts and successes were the result of the incredible generosity of the American people. Everything was donated. We were successful because of our partnerships with other non-profit organizations, corporate donors, universities, churches, and individual donors. We conducted clothing drives and school supply drives across the country. The  Lamia Afghan Foundation  airlifted over three and a half million pounds of cargo since 2010.  

At the present time we will accept financial donations in order to purchase humanitarian aid--winter clothing and school supplies in Afghanistan.  This will not only help needy people with things they need, but also help the Afghan economy by purchasing these items in country.  It will create more jobs, which are badly needed.

Our Current Projects:

 (A) Winter Supplies Distribution in Eastern Afghanistan 2016 and 2017:

1: Winter Supplies Distribution in Nangarhar Province:

2: Winter Supplies Distribution in Nuristan Province:

3: Winter Supplies Distribution in Laghman Province:

4: Winter Supplies in Surkhrod district of Nangarhar Province:

We are funding a tent school for 500 refugee children in a Kabul refugee camp.


Our Past Projects

The Lamia Afghan Foundation was chosen specifically by Camp Phoenix (Operation Outreach), Kabul to coordinate a winter relief distribution project for many refugee camps in Winter 2013-2014.  Items such as winter clothing, coal, sawdust bricks, tents, and other necessary winter relief items were distributed.

Winter 2012 Airlifted Relief

We airlifted the following winter aid, food, educational supplies and clothing:

  • Wool-Aid partnered with us to send more than a quarter of a ton of warm, woolen clothing and blankets for Afghan children. The shipment totaled nearly 800 items, with almost half of these items in infant and toddler sizes to keep these children warm.
  • 1,275,000 meals from Impact Lives and Feed My Starving Children into Afghanistan.
  • 18,000 pounds of winter aid donated by Soles4Souls.
  • Support the Troops is donating hygiene supplies, eduation toys, learning tools, volleyballs, and soccer balls which will be moved to Shindand District, Herat Province.
  • H.E.L.P. International is providing winter aid and toys for children.
  • Medical supplies from Healing Hands International will be moved into the medical clinic in Marshall Plan Charities' model village, Khairabad Village in Herat Province.
  • Text books and teacher aids from International Rotary Books for the World for primary school children.

Winter 2011 Crisis Relief

In Winter 2011, The Lamia Afghan Foundation moved 28,000 pounds of winter relief (donated by H.E.L.P. International Colorado) from Bagram Airfield to Kabul and distributed by Aschiana Foundation. We distributed 186,624 packaged meals of rice/dried veg/soy protein with vitamins and minerals donated by Feed My Starving Children. Representatives in Kabul have purchased, through YOUR donations, large bags of coal, rice, beans, flour, cooking oil, sugar and more blankets. More winter relief, donated by Soles4Souls, was moved from Nashville, TN to Afghanistan by DENTON/USAID.

Rod Nordland of The New York Times reported on the plight of refugees in Kabul. Children were dying...freezing to death. The Lamia Afghan Foundation was listed in this article as a resource. We also partnered with The George Washington University's Afghan Student Association. They are hosting the War Against Winter in Afghanistan: Baby Formula Drive.  View their Facebook page here.

Feeding the Nations:  In Winter 2011, we moved 275,000 meals from Feeding The Nations to Bamiyan Province for families living in caves. Bamiyan is a very poor province and the winters are brutal. This distribution will be coordinated with the military at Bagram AB and Governor Habiba Sarabi of Bamiyan Province. In 2011, Feeding the Nations provided 886,000 meals to The Lamia Afghan Foundation to move the people of Afghanistan.  Feeding the Nations is an International Christian humanitarian relief organization whose mission is to deliver food, medicine, vitamins, planting seed and other necessities to families who lack these essentials due to famine, war, poverty, or other natural disasters.

H.E.L.P. International:  Thirty five pallets of winter relief were provided by H.E.L.P. International of Loveland, Co, which will also be distributed to the same families. All of this aid has been donated to The Lamia Afghan Foundation who will be airlifted this aid to Afghanistan by Denton USAID, military opportune airlift.

Healing Hands International & Loving Hugs: In Spring 2012, we moved 10,000 pounds of medical equipment and supplies, wheelchairs, winter relief, winter Crocs, stuffed animals (provided by Wendy Clark of Loving Hugs), and sewing fabric.

Soles 4 Souls: Thousands of pairs of boots and shoes have been donated along with many winter clothing items for the people of Afghanistan.

Airlifting Winter Relief

  • From Nashville, Tennessee, we airlifted winter relief from Soles 4 Souls and Northwest Woolen Mills, and Healing Hands International, shoes from Crocs, medical supplies from Healing Hands International, treadle sewing machines, blankets, stuffed animals from "Loving Hugs", hand knitted infant items from "Stitches of Love". Additionally, there were hundreds of blankets from Davis Haddad's Patriot Day celebration. This was 30,000 pounds.
  • From Loveland, Colorado, we airlifted winter parkas and snow pants donated by H.E.L.P. International. This was 50,000 pounds.
  • From Abilene, Texas, we airlifted school supplies donated by Eternal Threads. Additionally, school desks and chairs were donated by Global Samaritan Resources. This was 10,000 pounds.
  • From Freemont, California, we airlifted, for the second year, winter clothing and blankets collected by the Blanket Brigade, run by Ms. Saylai Mohammadi. This was 4,000 pounds.
  • From Westover Air Force Base, Massachusetts, we airlifted first aid supplies donated by Mr. John Fazzuoli of Work N Leisure. This was 6,000 pounds.

Other Airlift Projects

  • Several drives that provided blankets, boots, shoes, jackets, and educational supplies to children in refugee camps and villages.
  • A huge coordinated drive conducted simultaneously in Washington, D.C., Texas, Columbus, Ohio and San Francisco that produced over 220,000 pounds of goods for the Afghan children and their families.
  • Several independent drives and donations totaled more than 150,000 pounds, including antibiotics, crutches, wheelchairs, shoes and cold weather supplies, toys, and nutritional items.
  • We airlifted 75,000 pounds of winter relief, school supplies, and medical supplies from Nashville, Tennessee, with the help of the Tennessee National Guard and Healing Hands International of Nashville.
  • The Lamia Afghan Foundation airlifted 100,000 pounds of donated soybeans to Afghanistan.
  • We airlifted 40,000 pounds of winter relief, hygiene products, bedding, rice, beans, and other food items provided by the non-profit, Operation Ukraine, in Columbus, Mississippi.
  • First Annual Winter Warmth Drive : On November 1, 2008, Lamia hosted a drive that took place simultaneously in three locations: Washington DC, Texas, and California. Over 70,000 pounds of clothing, building supplies, and other aid was gathered and prepared for shipment to Afghanistan.
  • Two nutrition drives that provided more than 10,000 pounds of liquid formula

Our Recent Projects

1) Food Distribution in Nangarhar Province Winter 2016.

We successfully distributed around 45000 packages of rice in various districts of Nangarhar Province both newly returned refugees and IDPs.


We have recently completed our seventh school for 1000 girls in Chelton Village, in the mountains west of Kabul, Afghanistan.

Water Well for Salang Pass School: We are drilling a well for water for the students who are going to school in tents we provided. This is a very difficult area for water well drilling, but the project is under way.

Ambulance for Khairabad: This ambulance was donated by the Fire Department of the City of Chicago and it was flown to Afghanistan on US Air Force cargo aircraft to Herat, Afghanistan. This was done under the auspices of the Denton Airlift Program. US Army personnel at the Herat airport handed the ambulance over to our dear friend Safi. He then drove the ambulance to the village of Khairabad, where we had built a medical clinic. This may be the only full sized American ambulance in Afghanistan.

Education for Children in Refugee Camps: We have provided tents and we are paying the teachers for to provide education to students in refugee camps in Kabul. These tent schools run year-round and we provide heaters and fuel so that they can stay warm during class time in the winter.

Tents for Students in Nasar Abad Village and the Pakistani Refugees’ camp in Jalalabad: Fifty tents were donated to The Lamia Afghan Foundation by LTC Jim Orbock, Senior Civil Affairs Commander/Afghanistan at Camp Phoenix in Kabul, Afghanistan. Two of these precious tents were provided to Nasar Abad village in eastern Afghanistan.  Sixty-five children attend school here, most of whom sit on plastic mats outside, suffering from cold winters and burning summers, and cancelled classes on rainy days.  Providing two tents to these grateful students was made possible through working with Israr's great NGO, GEVSO.  The 12 most vulnerable families in the Pakistani refugees' camp in Jalalabad received a tent.

Hoopoe Books Distributed to Students: Thousands of new Hoopoe Books have been distributed across Afghanistan. The former Minister of Education had approved these books for all school children in Afghanistan. We are continuing to distribute these as they are provided.

Food Distribution in Eastern Afghanistan: Thanks to wonderful friends in Eastern Afghanistan, we have been able to distribute tens of thousands of rice-based meals to many needy families across the provinces of Eastern Afghanistan.

12,000 Storybooks Distributed to High Schools in Jalalabad: During late December 2012, GEVSO distributed more than 12,000 Hoopoe illustrated story books donated by The Afghan Lamia Foundation in 6 high schools in Jalalabad.  These books will not only improve reading skills of the students, but will also help the students develop their retelling and inference-making skills as well.

Operation: New Pair of Legs: Rhmut-u-Law son of Adbul Khadiq is 14 years old. While playing outside, he stepped on an Improvised Explosive Device (IED) and lost both of his legs.  MPC and The Lamia AFghan Foundation coordinated an effort to get him the prosthetics with Civil Affairs in Kandahar province.  The Lamia Afghan Foundation and ALTSO have worked for three years to get their state of the art prosthetics into Afganistan.  Since January, 2012, when the program started, over 200 children have received new prosthetics.  Read More about Operation: New Pair of Legs, or see l ive updates from

The Lamia Afghan Foundation & Korean Provincial Reconstruction Team Build a School in Sayd Khel: The Korean PRTs--Provincial Reconstruction Team in Parwan will be building a school  for us in Sayd Khel where 1,200 children sit in shipping containers or on the ground to learn.  View Sayd Khel School Construction Photos

Andar Humanitarian Assistance Delivery: Ghanzi Province was in need of prepackaged humanitarian assistance.  To answer the call, Lt. General and Mrs. Bradley, and their NGO network, worked on boxing individual meals for this province.  A total of 144 boxes, each containing 36 meals (with one meal feeding four people) were flown in, with the remainder following on ground.  A total of over 37,800 meals were distributed through Afghan Security Forces in the Ghanzi Province.

We have built our first school for 400 refugee children in Lakan Khel in Pule Charki, outside of Kabul

Our First School:  We have built our first school for 400 refugee children in Lakan Khel in Pule Charki, outside of Kabul. The school will be finished soon and the children will attend for the first time in March 2012.

Kabul School Renovation:  We have renovated an old school for 3,000 children in Kabul. King Amanullah Khan built a large house for his sister in 1920. It has become Amir Dost Mohammad Khan School.