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News On Recent Afghanistan Fund Drives And Donation Events

Browse the list of news items regarding Afghan outreach programs, donation events, and fund drives sponsored by The Lamia Afghan Foundation , as well as links to events by our affiliates.

March 2014

Dr. Suzanne Griffin teaches at Kabul University. Her new book, Lessons of Love in Afghanistan , covers her life in Afghanistan since the 1960s and her work on education policy in the country. Read an opinion piece from The Seattle Times . Lt. General John A. Bradley, founder of The Lamia Afghan Foundation, wrote the foreword to Dr. Griffin's book.

February 2014

See page 6 of this javascript:mctmp(0); for an article about our cooperation with the Koreans to get a school built in Parwan province.

June 2013

Gandahara Educational & Vocational Services Organization distributed packages of fortified rice, donated by The Lamia Afghan Foundation, to 80 students.

April 2013

Read about a food-packing event at Luke Air Force Base that provided 105,000 meals to Afghanistan.

October 2012

Read about Feeding the Nations' partnership with The Lamia Afghan Foundation here.

May 2012

Read The Christian Chronicle article about The Lamia Afghan Foundation's work in Afghanistan. 

January-February 2012

Rod Nordland of The New York Times reported on the plight of refugees in Kabul. Children were dying...freezing to death. The Lamia Afghan Foundation was listed in this  article as a resource. We also partnered with The George Washington University's Afghan Student Association. They are hosting the War Against Winter in Afghanistan: Baby Formula Drive.  View their  Facebook page here.

October 2011

Read the full article from 442nd Fighter Wing's Momentum Magazine HERE (on pages 6-9) about how Lamia Afghan Foundation started, how far we've come and where we are going!

Afghan girl touched general's heart, inspired action

The 9-year-old girl broke through a long line of boys to reach Gen. John Bradley. Pleading in Farsi, she pointed at his feet. Her name was Lamia, an interpreter told the general, and she wanted a pair of boots like the ones on his feet. “It was winter, and she was wearing sandals,” Bradley said. “I told her I was sorry I didn’t have any boots, but I promised I would try to get her some.” Click HERE to read the full article.

Click HERE to read about ARZU Studio Hope, a social entrepreneurship organization for whom we are brand ambassadors.

September 2011

As a part of the Arizona Patriot Day Celebration to remember 9/11/2001, Crocs will be donating 200 pairs of shoes to Lamia Afghan. Click here to read about the celebration and the associated philanthopy.

June 2011

John and Jan Bradley traveled to Afghanistan for a month at the end of April. They checked on the progress of their stone and brick school in Lakah Khel (for 400 refugee children, boys and girls), distributed medical supplies and equipment to Malalay Maternity Hospital, Indira Ghandi Hospital, The National Military Hospital and CURE Hospital. They delivered winter coats collected by Foreign Service students of Georgetown University, backpacks and school supplies collected by Mississippi State University, and Hoopoe Books with Training Guides to five schools. 

They also delivered school furniture donated by Global Samaritan Resources to four schools in Parwan Province and medical supplies donated by Healing Hands International of Nashville, TN. 

May 2011

Read an article from North Shore Journal  about a new school donated by The Lamia Afghan Foundation and constructed by local Afghans.

January 2011

At the Mortara Center for International Studies at Georgetown University present a lunchtime discussion where we shared perspectives on operating in Afghanistan, and the impact of international stabilization and security efforts. Click here to read about this event.

November 2009

Read The Christian Chronicle article about how The Lamia Afghan Foundation started.

TIG Global, the leader in online marketing for hospitality and travel, recently developed a philanthropy task force and completed over 1,000 hours of community service. TIG Global's e-marketing efforts will focus on increasing fundraising and volunteer participation for Lamia Afghan. Click here to read about TIG Global's philanthropic efforts.

March 2009  

Click here to see a pdf article showing some of our 6th and 8th grade supporters at a middle school “Paper and Pens for Afghanistan” drive, motivated by the presentation and film " Outside the Wire", by film maker Anthony Hornus.

February 2009

Our first airlift effort has begun flying humanitarian aid to Afghanistan. Our initial flight, arranged with US AID Denton Airlift, flew almost 58,000 pounds of supplies to Afghanistan, including: clothes, blankets, school supplies, medical and pharmaceutical supplies and equipment. Donations from many different people and organizations during our fall and winter drives made this possible. Click here pictures of packing, transport and distribution!

December 2009  - Panjshir Province, Afghanistan

The Panjshir PRT ( Provincial Reconstruction Team) conducted a 12-hourHumanitarian Assistance mission in the Paryan District of the Panjshirprovince in December, 2009. Pre-coordination with the provincialsector of Social Protection took the mission to the village of Kur Petab. ThisAfghan outreach initiative was supported by the sector director for Women'sAffairs and the District Governor's office. The PRT distributed items donatedby the Lamia Afghan Foundation to eight differentgroups with the village elders supervising the distribution of the items.Materials delivered included flour, rice, oil, clothing for children andadults, shoes, boots, blankets and toys. The village elders understand our needfor cooperation during these events resulting with a calm and very organizedday.

November 2008

News article on our drive in Burke Park, VA, reported by The Connection newspaper. Click on the link; article is on page 5.

December 2007

News article on our December drive, reported in this article from the 301st Fighter Wing AF Link. Click on the link.

News article about describing a meeting with Lamia (our namesake), reported in this article from the 301st Fighter Wing AF Link. Click on the link.