Lamia Afghan Foundation

The Lamia Afghan Foundation has been helping Afghan men, women, and children since 2008 through clothing and supplies drives and by raising money to build schools. Some of our successes are listed below.

  • 16 pallets of elementary and secondary school textbooks were donated to The Lamia Afghan Foundation, and we are moving them to Afghanistan by Denton USAID.  This was made possible through our partnership with Rotary Books for the World. View the Madison, Wisconsin Channel 27 TV report about the shipment of books to Afghanistan here.
  • Finished our first school for 400 children (boys and girls) in Lakan Khel village, Kabul Province - Completed in 2011
  • Renovated Amir Dost Mohammad Khan Secondary School for 3,000 children in Kabul
  • Airlift totals to date: Over 3.5 million pounds of humanitarian aid into 18 Provinces
  • Member of U.S.-Afghan Women's Council
  • Built two "pre-fab" schools for girls in east Paktika
  • Coordinated with the Korean PRTs for school for 1200 students in Parwan Province - Completed
  • Distributed thousands of pounds of school supplies
  • Shipped 100,000 pounds of soybeans for planting in all 34 Provinces
  • Shipped aid to U.S. military troops serving in FOBs (Forward Operating Bases)
  • Cooperative effort with Camp Phoenix, Kabul, AFG in distributing humanitarian aid to refugee camps
  • Supported The Village of Children (Shamsa Village) with humanitarian aid, school supplies and sewing machines for orphans. This is an ISAF supported school.
  • Completed our seventh school for 1000 girls in 1st - 9th grades in Chelton Village, District 5, Kabul
  • Supporting water well drilling for tent school in Salang Pass
  • Supporting tent school in refugee camps in Kabul
  • Recently moved 80,000 pounds of food aid to be distributed in Kabul province and in provinces of Eastern Afghanistan